Profilma 501 E-BO & 501 E-GBO

The new saws are based on the well known and highly reliable automatic saw Profilma 501 E supplemented with a high-quality drilling unit. The saw is driven by a powerful 7.5 kW motor and saw blades with a diameter of 500mm are used. The cut area is 250 x 150 mm with a maximum section width of 270mm can be cut 135mm high.

The machine is equipped with a Siemens PLC control with display. It is equipped with a parts counter and clock times. A reversing section allows lengths of up to 9.9 meters.

The hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed is infinitely adjustable. A vertical and horizontal material clamping on the feed and discharge side are also standard as well as the average gap extension on both sides of the saw blade. The electronic material feed unit with ball screw and servo motor enables very precise cuts. The short remaining piece of 75mm saves money on every profile bar. In addition, the adjustable cutting height adjustment ensures short cycle times.

The machine has 2 suction of 70 mm diameter to which a suction system can be connected.

The drilling unit works vertically from the top, but can also be pivoted 60 degrees forward.

The drilling unit is powered by a 1.7 KW motor. The adjustable hydraulic feed drives a total stroke of 80mm at 50mm here with damping. It can be used to drill 12mm diameter. The speed is infinitely variable 2800-5600 U / min.

The drilling unit is across the material stop manually from 0-270mm adjustable via threaded spindle. Positioning via a mechanical digital display. Adjustment of the drilling unit manually also 200mm in height above the threaded spindle and digital display, the longitudinal adjustment of 100mm.

The sawing machine has a stroke spraying device with level monitoring and automatic shutdown. The lubricant reservoir holds 1 liter. The spraying device is equipped with 2 nozzles, one for the saw blade and one for the drill that can be individually switched on and off.

The automatic saw Profilma 501 E-GBO has the same technical characteristics with the drilling unit may additionally cut thread.

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