Profilma 2500

The new automatic saw is built on a sturdy welded construction. The drive with a 7.5 KW motor is suitable for sawing of profiles and solid material. The machine has for this reason a variable speed control 2000-3500 U / min. The machine uses saw blades with a diameter of 500mm. The cut area is 304mm / 127mm (width / height).



The hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed is infinitely variable. By linear guide carriage the saw is guided radially from back to front under the tabletop.

The material feed unit (pusher) operates from right to left with a servo motor and a ball screw so that more accurate section lengths can be reached. The standard feed length is 2,500 mm, any profile lengths can be processed. Longer lengths than 2,500 mm can be cut by means of a reversing device. The maximum feed rate of 250mm per second. It will be a repeat accuracy of + / – reached 0.1 mm.
The section page can be designed to match individual customer needs. The standard is a 7m long and 320mm wide roller conveyor is delivered.

As usual, the machine has a Siemens PLC S7-300 controller with a 10 “screen. It is operated via a touch panel. Piece counter with target and actualindicator, clock time indication, fault diagnosis, individual and chain dimensions are standard.

In accordance with applicable safety requirements of CE Regulation, we equip the machine with a tuned on site security fence.


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