High Speed Saw Centre KS600R

Pressta Eisele GmbH, Bullay has developed a new saw centre which is custom-tailored in particular and meets the demands of extruder, anodising companies as well converter plants. The KS600R cuts high quantity of single profiles or profile layers from 10 mm up to 7.300 mm. The KS600R biggest advantages are high flexibility, short setup-times and low operating cost.



Our biggest aim is to reduce the setup-times to a minimum as extruding companies need to react very flexible to their customer demands. A large number of different profile shapes are extruded and have to be cut and kept into warehouse. The saw centre consist of horizontal cross loader, material pusher, saw and profile removal.

The cross loader as well the gripper are NC controlled, no need to make manual adjustments when the operator changes to another profile. He just has to enter profile data like height, length, width and setup the down clamps accordingly. The user achieves extremely short setup times of less than 1-2 minutes. The high flexibility is the biggest advantage of our new concept.



Beside the high economic feasibility due to low setup times, this saw centre works high speed. Example: Profile width 300 mm, height 100 mm, cycle time 9 seconds at 1000 mm cutting length. This high speed saw accomplish its full efficiency and quickness when it is operated with higher number of manpower. Short-term orders can be handled quickly and flexible, a pure added value for the owner and his customers.

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The desire to build a sawing line with high flexibility and quick cutting speed came up. Several conversations between plant managers and Pressta staff lead to start up with production of this brilliant machine. Since many extruding companies extend their processing and keep the added value in house, the KS600R is the solution to deliver an entirely worked profile to the final customer. The new saw centre bundles up a huge number of these wishes.

VideoPressta Eisele High Speed Saw Centre – Profilma KS600R