Circular Saw PS500

With the PS500, the Pressta Eisele GmbH presents a new circular saw for large profiles. The Model PS 500 has a max. cutting range of 175 x 500 mm (height x depth). The addressed group of customers are all aluminum fabricators which must cut bulk profiles at 90 °. Such as Producers of heat sink profiles, processors in railway engineering and shipbuilding, as well as all pressing plants. For processors that need to cut wider aluminum profiles, there is also an extension with a cutting depth of up to 1,000 mm.



The 600 mm saw blade is driven by a direct drive with 12 kW 400 V, the speed is infinitely adjustable via a FU with a potentiometer. The speed range is from 2200 up to 3100 R.P,M.. Thus, a cutting speed up to 97 m / sec. be achieved.



The saw blade feed is linear from back to front, above the table top, geared driven motor and ball screw. The saw feed speed is adjustable via potentiometer, from 0.5 to 12 m / min, the profiles are vertically clamped, with clamping bars on both sides of the saw blade. The clamping pressure is adjustable.

The stroke length above the table top creates an ideal swarf flow. The saw comes in 2 versions, one as semi-automatic with pneumatic guard and two-hand operation, once as a fully automatic machine with automatic profile feed.

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