Profilma 620

Our success model, the automatic circular saw Profilma 600 R has reached its well-earned retirement.

Today we would like to introduce its successor, the Profilma 620

Even though the machine is capable of a cutting range of 205 x 400mm it is still able to achieve cut off tolerances of up to +/- 0,07mm.

Some of the key features of the machine are the floating material feeder unit, the kerf widening as well as the ultra-high precision CNC controlled saw feed.

Due to the extremely powerful 18,5 kW saw engine, even heavy and massive profiles can be cut with cycle times below 6 seconds. (depending on the design of the profile).

Through continuous improvements both in the material feeding unit and the saw table the machine can now reduce the rest-piece of the profile down to 55 mm (depending on the profile geometry)

Another factor which had been very important, has been the setup-times of the machine – through simplest adjustability by using hand-wheels, the setup time of the machine could be reduced to a minimum.

The safety cover is opened and closed pneumatically, resulting is setup times of completely new profiles of as low as 2 min.

It is possible to cut off pieces as thin as 3.5mm, without them being sucked away by the extraction unit.

A lot of automatic saws have the problem with the precision / tolerance of the first cut after the material feeder had to reverse, since the profile at that time is only held in place by the clamping units on both sides of the blade.

Our engineers have found a solution for that as well, and now our Profilma keeps it’s precision level even with the shortest of rest-pieces.

Profiles can automatically be fed into the saw, by adding a loading magazine to it, and the trim-cut and rest-piece can automatically be ejected into a separate collection box with the help of a material outflow unit.

Once transported out of the saw, the profile pieces can then be further processed, in additional steps like deburring, milling, drilling, marking, measuring or packing.

Even with the little details like the extraction of the aluminum chips improvements have been realized with the Profilma 620, resulting in a superior swarf extraction when used in combination with the swarf extractor MG9.

Since the movement of the sawblade is horizontally from the rear to the front, the flight direction of the aluminum chips can be better controlled, resulting in nearly 90% of the chips been sucked away (depending on the profile).

Everyone who processes aluminum on a regular basis will know that this offers a huge benefit, as saws where the saw blade moves vertically up/down face problems due to the uncontrollable flight direction of the aluminum chips regularly.

If we have peaked your interest, please contact us and we will happily provide more detailed information.

InformationPressta Eisele – Profilma 620