Miter cutting line SW600 for aluminum and PVC profiles

The new miter cutting line SW600 from Pressta Eisele has been developed to do miter cuts on parts of up to 4000 mm length.

The line consists of a loading magazine with pusher, the actual cutting station and an outfeed table for short and long parts.

The loading magazine moves the raw profile bars towards a material pusher with a linear drive, which precisely pushes the profile with up to 180 m/min into the saw.

The miter angles can be set through the PC control unit and can have any angle between 22,5 to 157,5°.

The motor driving the saw has 5.5KW and can be upgraded optionally to 9.2KW, allowing quick and precise cutting even of thick-walled industrial profiles.

Directly behind the saw blade is another gripper, which takes the ready cut parts and deposits them on the outfeed table, from where they are transported to the machine operator.

Various additional optional features like milling and drilling stations, measuring and marking stations and automated part handling make this machine perfectly adaptable to the customer’s needs.

Technical data:
Motor: 5,5 KW (9,2 KW), S6 60%, 400 V, 50 Hz
RPM: 1900—3200 rpm
Shortest part:90 / 160 / 390 mm bei 90 / 45 / 22,5°
Rest piece length:min. 65 mm
Cutting range:max. height/width 350/200mm
Cutting angles:22,5—157,5° variable